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Since before the death of our son king carter, we have been very active in the community with assisting kids who have no role model, no love at home, no adult figure that they can talk to, and just simply understand them and communicate with them in ways that they will learn and better themselves for the future. There are many kids that have their parents present, but the parents don’t give the kid the time needed, some kids have parents who are deceased, some kids have parents who are in the prison system, and 85{776080e2cc942c932eaf2b4926985f2a40a4767bfcdcdff1696ddf320fca9284} of all these situations leave the child alone, scared, hopeless, broken, empty, discouraged and so much more. What we do is travel to foster homes, elementary, middle and high schools, youth detention centers, recreational parks, and homes around South Florida promoting peace, love, truth and education. But at the same time, understanding individual kids, finding out what they are good at, helping them find their niche. Then from there we enhance their mind letting them know anything can be done if you go hard at your goals. We actually get on the kids level while teaching them so they can really understand and take in the lesson. We do several activities from arts & crafts, video & audio engineering, sports, culinary arts, landscaping, painting and more hands on activities that they can utilize in the future for a career. Knowing education is the most important key, we read, study, we do reports and much more. We understand that the future would be crazy if our youth is not on track and ready to take on their world responsibilities because of broken homes or other personal situations. So we are here to uplift, motivate, empower, inspire, and encourage our young kings and queens to be the greatest they can be.



Our vision is to not only help kids in South Florida. We plan to expand to all cities and all states, one by one. This problem that the youth face is a problem that is going on everywhere. It doesn’t matter your race, age, gender, family financial status, background or anything. Help is needed, there’s a big percentage of America’s youth that’s lost and feel alone. So they are falling statistics to the crimes, the gangs, the prostitution and so forth. We take a pledge and make a promise to be here for our youth, we will embed manners, morals, principles, wisdom & integrity into each kid we come in contact with. We know the world would be a much better place and the future would be bright if we take the time and save our kings and queens.